About Brechtje de Leij

I have over 20 years of experience in the world of digital, specializing in mobile & new tech. 

About me
– Highly experienced digital professional
– Mobile expert
– Author of the book ‘Mobiele Eenheid, van disruptie naar digitale strategie
– Tech Columnist for De Ondernemer, AD/Parool and Emerce Magazine
– Customer-centric product developer, in the role of (agile) product owner or overall product manager.
– Outside-in thinker.
– Energetic public speaker on new digital technology.

With my book ‘Mobiele Eenheid’

(Agile) product development, mobile (app) development, digital business transformation, and digital innovation (e.g. wearables, intuitive interfaces, AR, connected home and the ‘internet-of-everything’).

In my 20 years of experience, I’ve worked on many successful digital products and services. A product is successful when it’s frequently / loyally used by consumers, meets the requirements from the key stakeholders, strengthens the brand and delivers value, by meeting and hopefully even exceeding the business targets and relevant KPI’s. This is what I strive for as a product developer.

I firmly believe that success can only be achieved when you put your users first. Therefore, I like to use customer-centric and agile product development techniques, applying an outside-in way of thinking to the business challenges ahead. I combine a ‘red‘ profile with a beta background, bringing positive energy, humor and a structured way of working to the work floor.

Lady geek
I am often called a ‘lady geek’; always into the latest technology developments & gadgets. I was for instance part of Google’s Glass Explorer Program, being one of the first people to experiment with wearables and AR. I’ve build apps for smartwatches and smart glasses, and apps for all the operating systems out there. Yes, even for Symbian and Blackberry back in the days.

With my Google Home mini

Today I have several Google Home’s in my house, connecting my smart voice assistant with a smart lock, smart thermostat, smart smoke detector, smart speaker (Google Home, Mini, and Hub) and our (regular) TV via Chromecast. To get a real feel for the smart home of the future, I think it is best to experiment first-hand with the conversational interface and smart voice assistant.

In my career, I have worked on many different websites and mobile applications for all the operating systems and devices out there. I have also extensive experience with developing for ‘future’ devices like smart glasses,  smartwatches and smart home devices.

At eCommerce company Greetz, I was responsible for the launch of the Greetz app, winning the e-commerce industry award ‘Best Mobile Shop’. At NU.nl, I’ve set up an in-house mobile development team, rebuilding the entire mobile portfolio in cooperation with end-users and with a special focus on mobile monetization. Mobile traffic grew from 50 to 80% and mobile has become a substantial part of the total revenue. At IceMobile, I’ve worked on the omnichannel eCommerce platform for Jumbo, of which the Jumbo app was awarded ‘best supermarket app’ by consumer organisation Kassa. Also, I’ve worked with ABN AMRO on their mobile banking app.

As a freelancer, I’ve worked among others as a mobile consultant on the joined mobile app strategy for KLM AF, as a product manager for Marktplaats and eBay Cars, and as a freelance sr product owner for Independer and NU.nl. For a full overview, please check my LinkedIn profile page.

Interviewing Eric Schmidt

Media influencer
My media influence has been recognised by a nomination for Cross Media Person of the year, and the highest female entry in 2014 list of the Media100; the list of most influential people in the Dutch media business.  A list I have been nominated for every year since, up to 2020. In addition, I’ve been nominated for the Vrouw in de Media Award 2016 – Noord-Holland, and for TechGirl of the Year 2017.

As a so-called social media influencer I mostly use Twitter, sharing information on social, tech and digital next to more light-hearted entertaining tweets. Quote has published me in their ‘people that rule Twitter’ list. I write articles for Emerce en Nederlands MediaNieuws.

What I can do for you
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